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Because we are daily working photographers, we understand the special requirements of nature photography. If your passion is nature, especially capturing its magical fleeting moments, tell us your dream subjects and we can design the trip that will guide you to the images you want. Whether your desired background is in the Strait of Gibraltar, Cadiz, Doñana or Morocco, we can guide you to unforgettable scenery where you can capture equally unforgettable images.

Unique species such as the Chameleon or the Bald Ibis, thousands of raptors migrating between Europe and Africa, the imposing landscape of the Strait of Gibraltar, the fog forest of the last jungle in Europe, the craggy peaks of Grazalema dotted with Iberian Ibex, Orcas hunting Bluefin Tuna, enormous Griffon Vulture breeding cliffs, 50 species of dragonflies, hundreds of butterflies, thousands of Cranes in La Janda wetland, or an endless carpet of spring wildflowers: this is but a partial list of the natural phenomena you can photograph with us, as we explore together our little known corner of Europe, which boasts the highest biodiversity on the continent.


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