Los Alcornocales Natural Park

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Los Alcornocales “Cork Oak forest” rise as a coastal bastion against the humid sea winds, both westerly and easterly, which cover the forests under a layer of mist, seeming to make time stop. In this Nature Reserve, we can find the largest mass of Cork Oak of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is located between the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga and is home to a great diversity of landscapes. Such richness is reflected in every one of its components: flora, fauna, climate, history and culture. 

The proximity of the Strait of Gibraltar plus the park’s unique composition of habitats favors the presence of birds. Up to 19 raptors and many small birds cross the skies or seek shelter in its forests. During the periods of strong wind, is common to see great roosts of birds resting on the trees and cliffs.  

In this amazing forest Roe Deer are commonly present and share habitat with Genets, Badgers, Mongoose, amphibians and eleven species of bats. Half of reptiles on the Iberian Peninsula are found in the Alcornocales Park. Butterflies and dragonflies everywhere complete this idyllic scenery.

An unusual habitat in this natural area is the laurisilva with "Los Canutos", a subtropical forest trapped in time. The Alders which occupy the edges of the "canuto" prevent the light from penetrating to the bottom of the ravine, where the humidity creates unique masses of Rhododendron, Laurel, Alder, Holly and Bracken that are uncommon in these latitudes. 

Target Birds

Bonelli's Eagle, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Osprey, Short-toed Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Egyptian and Griffon Vulture, Goshawk, Booted Eagle and Woodchat Shrike

Best time of the year

Winter, spring, summer and autumn


Full (8 – 9 hours) and half day (4 – 5 hours)


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